Due to the broad adoption of business applications such as ERP, CRM, HR and other business systems, the quantity of operational data available to organizations has grown exponentially. Organizations now face the challenge of granting end users access to this information while maintaining the integrity of the data sources and keeping system utilization to a minimum in order to keep applications operating at peak performance. Further, with each application providing separate but related information about customers and operations, IT organizations are faced with the daunting challenge of providing a 360 degree view of organizational information by way of a single set of reporting tools while providing a unified view of data from multiple systems.


An effective data warehouse solution provides an organization with a strategy for pulling data from various applications and data sources, and formalized processes for the cleansing of data and application of business rules while unifying information into a database designed for optimal reporting and analysis. CapstoneBI offers cost effective, enterprise-level data warehouse solutions designed for long-term viability and efficiency utilizing Microsoft SQL Server technologies. Our consultants can assist your organization with the implementation of a data warehouse solution optimized for your unique business needs. From architecture and ETL design to data storage and management, your data resources will be made available for dramatically improved analysis and reporting, providing a much more accurate view of operational performance enabling improved quality and velocity of decision making.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008