Standard reporting solutions provide a low-cost means for distributing general information to a large user base, but they offer limited flexibility in terms of analysis capabilities.  If you were to evaluate your organization’s current ability to report and analyze information, what analytic stage would you say your organization is at?

  1. Analytically Impaired – “flying blind”.
    Objective: get accurate data to users
  2. Localized Analytics – local and opportunistic
    Objective: use analytics for a functional area
  3. Analytical Aspirations – efforts have begun to integrate data systems
    Objective: use analytics to improve a distinctive capability
  4. Analytical Companies – enterprise-wide perspective, know what to do but not quite there
    Objective: build broad analytic capability, for differentiation
  5. Analytical Competitors – enterprise-wide, big results, sustainable
    Objective: compete on analytics
    * Analytic Stages Model from the book, “Competing on Analytics” (p36)

Using analytical solutions to compete is imperative in the digital age.  How will you utilize information assets to get ahead?


Analytic reporting enables users to understand the meaning behind information by providing user-friendly, highly-flexible reporting and analysis tools. These solutions empower end-users with the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis of data and dig into information in order to better understand the root cause of business issues without the need to involve IT.

At CapstoneBI, we specialize in working with clients to design and develop focused tools ranging from customized analytical templates and scorecard/KPI applications, to full organizational analytic solutions designed to empower employees with information access. Collaborating with our in-house design group and leveraging our vertical industry expertise, we design highly-flexible reporting and analysis tools with innovative and easy to use interfaces that empower end-users with the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis of data and discover truly meaningful business insights.

Analytical solutions include:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Comparative (OLAP) Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Geospatial Reporting
  • Performance Dashboards