Has your team designed a Data Warehouse that applies learned Best Practices?  Are you forgetting to factor in anything critical as you move the BI implementation into production?  What hardware considerations do you need to keep in mind as the number of users grows?

Many IT Departments and BI Project Teams are eager to deliver access to the new BI system because they are pressed by Business Sponsors who want to see results.  While learning about the Microsoft BI platform is possible through piles of books and thousands of online sites, hands-on experience is fundamental to success with BI technology. Hiring CapstoneBI will accelerate the development process.  All members of your BI Project Team will benefit from additional insights they will gain from working with our Architects –project-related technology questions will be answered and researched directly, and an Implementation Methodology will be learned.


Supplement your BI Project Team with a seasoned expert who can streamline implementation and proactively transfer knowledge to your team.  CapstoneBI offers Mentoring Programs, Documentation Packages (including test plans, checklists, templates and questionnaires) and Training Curriculum to address the following aspects of BI implementation:

  • Discovery, Requirements
  • Data Modeling
  • ETL Processes
  • Cube Design
  • Security
  • Report & Analysis Design
  • User Acceptance

CapstoneBI Architecture an Mentoring accelerates BI development, which helps companies achieve positive returns on investment sooner.