For decades, executives have been asking for performance dashboards.  Now, end users expect them.  Employees expect to collaborate online.  They want to monitor their own performance and the performance of their team.  Employees want to understand how they contribute to the organization’s strategic direction.  

At the same time, clients demand more information and documentation. Every day, clients login to view their accounts and monitor their transactions.  The quality of information services differentiates which companies earn loyalty.

What can an IT organization do to provide simpler, more focused, personalized information to the end user community?

The quantity and depth of reports needed to track the operational performance of a department or entire organization can be overwhelming for business decision makers. Even when enterprise reports are presented in an intuitive format, it is often difficult to ensure the most relevant information is provided that drives better overall performance.


Performance d ashboards can be used to drive business direction… by clearly presenting the key metrics that matter most to a campaign or to a project.  Performance dashboards inform employees how they contribute to the plan.

CapstoneBI has extensive experience architecting and implementing dashboard solutions.  Our solutions heavily leverage packaged Microsoft technology, which we use to deliver Analytic Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, Operational Reports, Collaboration and Workflow processes.  We can readily customize this platform when necessary. 

CapstoneBI will identify the KPI solution and mentor on the technologyBusiness users know what data they want to see, they just don’t know how to ask for it or why they can’t access all of it.  Performance dashboard projects offer valuable perspective and team motivation.